Every once in a while we are made aware of an opportunity that
is a Win, Win situation for everyone involved. Such is the case
with something as basic as the oil we put in the crankcase of
every internal combustion engine we own. Think about how many
barrels of the crude stuff we would not have to import if we
replaced it with American made synthetic motor oil. That is just
the icing on the cake. That is just one of the Wins in this
equation. The benefits of using synthetic oil are numerous.

I will explain how we can save money, save time, increase fuel
mileage, decrease wear and tear on the equipment as well as help
the environment just by taking a few simple steps.

Synthetic motor oil saves us money first by increasing the
efficiency of our vehicles by reducing the amount of friction
between the moving parts from 2% to 5%. The energy is
transferred to the wheels where it equates to increased gas
mileage of two or three miles per gallon.

Another money savings is realized in fewer oil changes. Oil
drain intervals, depending on whether you use a blend or fully
synthetic oil, will be increased to between 7,500 miles and
30,000 miles. Considerable savings when looking at this formula.

Synthetic oil saves us time because we are not spending it at
the Quick Lube Shop or the Repair Garage. By reducing friction
and wear on the moving parts the vehicle will last longer. In
many cases for many thousands of miles more.

The environment is a big Motorolja fat winner in that engines run cleaner and
the disposal of used oil is much less frequent. As much as 10
times less. If you change oil10 times in 30,000 miles that would
equal on an average sixty quarts or fifteen gallons as compared
to six quarts or one and one half gallons with synthetics.

How is this possible and why haven’t I heard of this before now?
I believe the Oil Companies have done a marvelous job of
maintaining a demand for their inferior product. After all they
are in the business of selling oil.

Chemists have been working on synthetic formulas for over 130
years. For the past 35 years it has been available commercially
with Amsoil “The First in Synthetics,” and has proven itself as
the superior product. By educating the public at the benefits of
using Synthetic Lubricants it will become the standard the same
as Steel Belted Radial Tires have replaced the Bias Tires of
years past.

Greg Johnson is a retired Airline Captain. His jet equipment was dependent on synthetic lubricants to survive in the extreme operating environments of our atmosphere. The technology needs to be the standard in our internal combustion engines.

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