Work smarter and better on social platforms

Relax: The best is yet to be. Off the treadmill and into enjoyment.

I was reading a book recently which had this quote about vital optimism “is a quality of spirit possessed by a community or person where there is a persuasion that the best is yet to be” (Gordon Macdonald)

How freeing to think that in our personal, our business and professional use and understanding of social media as well as the development and integration of social media, the “best is yet to be”. When we work this way, we can focus on the opportunities and the future.

It enables us to ask of ourselves “What does our best look like, in this space?”

My best is different to your best.  

When we stop to ask “What does our best look like, in this space?” It makes us think about what good looks like, what success in this space means to us, and what our best is as well. In short, it asks us to dream much bigger than where we may be starting. It also enables us to recognise that “best” will be different for different people, and different organisations. It recognises that the best is yet to come, and means we can focus on our own opportunities, rather than focusing on where we sit compared to another person or another business. When we focus on what best means to us personally, we can free up our thinking into blue sky consideration of what we could possibly achieve (even if we’re not sure right now how we will get there!) My best, as a social media marketer, will be aimed at a different point, to your best if it is one small part of all the different considerations you need to make when thinking about your business.

Learning is continuous

The great thing with a mindset of “the best is yet to be” is that it focuses us on our own continual learning. In the space of social media, this is crucial! It’s also important to remember as well as thinking about all the new skills and different tools, to stop to take the time to learn what is effective and what works for you, to refine your approach. In this way it helps you take a step back off the treadmill and consolidate and tweak your approach alongside other activity you do in order to build relationships and share knowledge. It also means we can take the heat off ourselves when we commit to the best in our individual circumstances.

Design your plan to achieve “best” for you

Wherever you are starting from, know that’s OK. Wherever you hope to be, ask yourself if you’ve set a big enough goal, for how it fits with what you want to achieve, and how that fits with the picture of your own personal best. If you’re starting off feeling overwhelmed, give yourself some small, targeted activities that feel realistic to get yourself going. Check often to see what is working.

Enjoy doing your best

Don’t feel downhearted if you aren’t achieving everything you hoped all in one go. Go back to your desire, your hope and what you want to achieve. Look out for best practice of what you see others doing which feels like a version of the best that you’re hoping to head in the right direction of. Social Media is just one part of a huge tool-kit we have to communicate in our everyday life.