My shopping jaunt

Ahhh. Fall. The most wonderful time of the year. The time when cinnamon and pumpkin scents waft on the breeze, when the sun gently shines on the golden leaves, when…. Oh, sorry. I maybe got a little carried away there. 😉 I really like Fall, can you tell? Any visit to Pinterest will tell you that a LOT of people feel the same way.

Even though I love Fall, I always have a hard time decorating for it. A lot of the Fall decorations in the stores are just…. meh. I don’t love most faux greenery. I hate anything to do with scarecrows. And why must the “leaves” all have glitter on them??? Why?!

Thankfully, I can usually find some small touches that give the spirit of Autumn without the glitter. I love these simple branches from Hobby Lobby, with some berries too. Berries are THE BEST.

I have a couple of glass pumpkins that I bought last year at Marshalls, and I also added another pumpkin with a silver/white paint finish to the mantel. I saw a pretty vase that looked exactly like the one below at Hobby Lobby, and I was really close to buying it. Then, I realized that it was basically a wine bottle spray painted with matte black paint. I remembered I had a wine bottle in the recycling bin and matte black paint at home, and voila! SO easy and completely free. Isn’t it great when those things happen?

I posted a picture of the pillow below on Instagram last week. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share it! There are so many beautiful, textural pillows in stores right now. I love how they add so much to a space without overwhelming it! I saw one at Target that made me think how easy it would be to make something similar, so I found several different kinds of trim and layered them to create the same look. It also cost significantly less, but that wasn’t my main motivation. I just love to sew and it’s always fun to make things rather than just buying them all the time!

One of the many, many projects on our list is this fireplace. While I love brick, this brick just does nothing for our living room. It’s so many colors, so busy, and is begging to be painted. I’m trying to decide if I should paint it white or matte black. If you have any thoughts, I would welcome input!

This brass lamp was another fun find. I got it at a garment graders for £9.99! It is solid brass and weighs a ton. It’s missing a shade, but I think it looks really cool with just an Edison bulb.


Do you decorate for Fall? Do you go with a less-is-more or more-is-best approach? Also, what colour should I paint my fireplace? =)