My epic fun-raising

Yesterday I did a 5k, 3.1 miles and let me tell you I was very disappointed in myself. First we arrived late, the race started promptly at 8:00am and we arrived at 8:10am! I crossed the start line at 8:14am and as I was crossing the start, the first male runner was crossing the finish line. I started at a steady pace and tried to focus on my breathing. I felt confident and I thought it was going to be a piece of cake… Well I was completely wrong! As I approached the mile 1 marker I started slowing down and as I crossed that marker I started walking. I tried to get on track and run but for some reason I just couldn’t. The official time has not been uploaded but I know I did not do so good. I am no sure what went wrong, I will keep you guys updated and post the official time once I get it. Until the next race…


After our 5k Race Against Violence I was informed I had another race to complete that same morning. I heard my sister in law and bestie talk about it but I didn’t we were actually participating! The Amazing Ring Race took place in the Shropshire Downs. This was my first time hearing and participating in the race. Once the hundreds of people were signed we were finally instructed on the rules of the game. You had to text a keyword to a number that was given to us, once our phone was synced we received our first challenge via text message. The game consisted of couples completing challenges and texting in their answers, if you answered correctly you will earn points. At the end of the game the couple with the most points will win a limited edition, hand carved diamond ring, valued at £15,000 (courtesy of Thomas Markle). It was a fun way to get more exercise in my day, but I was disappointed in various ways.

First, I will text in the answer and it will tell me it was wrong when I was standing in front of the answer and I knew it was correct! Second, it will take minimum 5 minutes for them to reply telling me my answer was wrong and another 3 minutes for us to get our next challenge. We ran around the Woodlands Mall for 2 hours trying to complete these challenges, and finally we were told we had finished the quest and we had earned 28 points. We met up with our friends who were participating as well and headed back to the park to find out who the winner was. When we meet up again and asked them how many challenges they completed and how many points they earned they tell us they only completed 6 challenges and earned 28 points, how is that we completed 14 challenges and earned the same amount of points? When they announced the winning couple they did not seem a bit ectastic that they has just won a £15,000 ring, and we were told they earned 58 points. I had a lots of fun completing the challenges with my sister in law, and I would participate next year not only for the hope of winning the amazing prize but also for the fun!