Welcome to..The Blue Peter Hotel, Kirkcolm, Stranraer, offers accommodation, golfing and fishing. Close to the ferries to Ireland from Port Rodie & Cairnryan on Loch Ryan. Ian and Ruth Murray, owners of the Blue Peter Hotel, assure you of a warm and friendly welcome at the Blue Peter Hotel.

This is a bird watchers and wildlife paradise. We have Red Squirrel’s feeding in the garden and a Perigrine Falcon & Buzzards overhead often. We are a real ale oasis in a desert of real ales.

If staying more than 3 nights ask about our offers on B&B. The Blue Peter Hotel. Real ale, real food, real hospitality! See you soon!

Set as close to Loch Ryan as it is, the hotel has had a long association with the sea and seafarers, and it is not surprising to discern a nautical theme within the hotel’s decor and fittings. One can almost feel the presence of the old seadogs within the bar and lounge, spinning tales of far distant shores, mountainous waves, or perhaps vast shoals of mackerels or herrings hauled into port. Doubtless the hotel in its past saw more than a few smugglers pass through its doors, given the area’s proximity to secluded bays and coves on both sides of the Rhins, and the locals’ inherent reluctance to pay import duty!

Further back in time, Kirkcolm hosted the Kilmorie Cross, carved sometime during the 10th century. Well worth a look at, it originally stood close to St Mary’s Chapel south of Kirkcolm but was moved to the grounds of Corsewall House in the last century. The cross was re-erected in the Kirkcolm churchyard in 1989. The design on the cross combines Christian and pagan Scandinavian images, reflecting Galloway’s connections with its Viking and Celtic past. One face of the stone has an elaborately carved cross above a design of intertwined animal bodies. The snakelike heads of some of the animals can still be seen. On the reverse-side is a representation of the crucifixion. Below this is a blacksmith holding his hammer and tongs. Two eagles flank him at his side. (Galwegians were known to have their children baptised as Christians and then visit the local blacksmith to have their infant ‘charmed over the anvil’ – a practice which was still outraging the moral watchdogs well into the 18th century!)

All the Bedrooms at the Blue Peter Hotel are en-suite with tea & coffee facilities and T.V. in all rooms. There is also a Public Bar where you can enjoy a game of pool or darts, and a Lounge Bar with a good range of Malt whiskys for the discerning palate. We host a Quiz Night every Tuesday with a buffet. meals can be had every night for guests.